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Why is it important to have your Boiler serviced regularly? You rely on your boiler for all of your hot water and heating needs, therefore it is important to ensure your boiler is running smoothly and cost effectively.

Not having regular servicing increases the possibility of boiler breakdowns and irreversible damage. This can then lead to costly repairs or replacement which could have been preventable. Faulty boilers perform poorly which can inflate your heating bill but more importantly poses a serious threat to the safety of you, your family and your household.

As a part of our Boiler services, which usually last approximately 1 hour, we will ensure that your boiler is running efficiently, and working effectively. We will also thoroughly test the safety appliances and devices to ensure that in the event of an issue, these appliances will keep you safe. You will then be issued with a service certificate so that you can be confident your boiler is fully certified and registered.

Having regular Boiler Servicing means you prolong the life of your boiler, implement preventative measures, reduce the risk of gas leaks, reduce your heating bills, and ensure the safety of the household.

If you fear your boiler is having trouble and need a professional opinion, contact Gas Smart today for a quick, efficient boiler Repair in Teesside and surrounding areas. It’s our job to ensure that your boiler is functioning how it should, regardless of how complex the problem may seem, our team is always on hand and happy to help. We aim to be with clients as soon as possible so that your boiler can be repaired and working again as soon as possible.

Call us today, whatever your boiler servicing and repair needs and we can provide a quick, no obligation quote.

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